Free Squeegees - why we dont send them anymore (unless you ask!)

Free Squeegees - why we dont send them anymore (unless you ask!)

A lot of companies out there offer free squeegees with their products, but we have stopped sending them out with all orders by default.  Why on earth would we do that!?

Well, you could say we want to save money?  Well partly, also to save you (the customer) money.  Like all things in life, theres no such thing as a free lunch, and inevitably the cost of 'freebees' ends up being added to the cost of the product.

It's also a waste of plastic.  We are in the plastics business, but that does not mean that we do not want to be responsible and save on waste wherever we can.  All these squeegees inevitably end up in landfill. 

Most people have a useable squeegee in their wallet - either an old loyalty card or bank card.  

Even a small wallpaper hanging tool, old leftover car body fller applicators, plastic scrapers, and a wide variety of other things probably lurking in your shed.   Why not use something that you already own?


If you still really want a squeegee, we will send out smaller credit card sized version, this will be added on as a product so that if you don't need one, then please don't order one!  just search 'squeegee' in the search bar.






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