Caravan Roof Security Number Plate Sticker - Reg Number, Postcode or Phone

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1 x Caravan Roof Security Number Plate Sticker and 6 x Small Stickers (for fitting in discreet locations)  . Designed specifically for security identification purposes, this non-reflective flat sticker serves as a tool to aid in locating stolen leisure vehicles.

Crafted with durability in mind, our sticker is weather-resistant, ensuring longevity even under harsh outdoor conditions. Its flat design seamlessly integrates onto your caravan roof, providing discreet yet effective security measures.

Customizable to your preference, you can imprint any essential information such as registration number, postcode, or contact phone number, allowing for quick identification and retrieval in the unfortunate event of theft.

While not intended for legal road use like traditional number plates, our Caravan Roof Security Number Plate Sticker offers peace of mind, knowing that your caravan is equipped with an additional layer of protection.

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