Trademarks & Copyright

We at Caravan Graphics supply custom made decals and graphics to the customer's specifications.  Occasionally, some of these decals may be that of trademarked brands or companies - for example, a customer may wish to replace tired decals on a caravan after a respray or during a refurbishment of an older vehicle.  

Whilst most manufacturers we contact are not interested in supplying replacement vinyl graphics and often point them to their local signwriters, nor do many object to vehicle owners obtaining replacement graphics, we do not imply we have any association with any of the companies portrayed unless explicitly explained in the individual listing.  We are not OEM suppliers to any manufacturer and our graphics are intended for use where original replacements are not available.

If you are the owner of any trademark or logo, and object to its appearance on our site, then please contact us using the link above and we will arrange for it to be removed.  Please include full contact details and email address so we can liase directly.

We hope that you will not, as many owners of older vehicles and vans struggle to obtain replacements decals during refurbishment.